DHEA Benefits

DHEA Benefits

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DHEA Bodybuilding & Muscle Development

DHEA Bodybuilding involves development of lean body muscles of a person with the help of DHEA Hormonal Supplements.

DHEA the acronym for Dehydroepiandrosterone is a steroid hormone which is naturally produced in the body and plays an important role in maintaining the health of humans.

It also influences and triggers other hormones to function appropriately.

Insufficient amounts of DHEA can result in malfunctioning of organs such as testes. Testosterone will not be produced in adequate amount in the male if there is a deficiency of DHEA.

DHEA is a good supplement for bodybuilding and facilitates muscle growth. It is a popular supplement which has been adopted by many athletes all over the world.

The DHEA percentage content in the body is abundant during our childhood and adolescent period but gradually falls as we grow older.

Studies have revealed that the production of DHEA hormone after the age of thirty declines and is found 75% lesser in people over the age of 70 than the age of 30s.

This hormone is produced naturally in the body and holds an important role as a bodybuilding supplement.

DHEA is a hormone produced mainly in the adrenal glands of the human body and aids the production of eighteen steroid hormones including testosterone and estrogen.

It is either produced naturally, within the human beings or artificially, in the laboratories. It cannot be supplemented through nutritious diets.

Hence, people who need to improve their overall health and build their body choose DHEA supplements.

Benefits of DHEA

But how does DHEA assist in bodybuilding?

Role of DHEA in Bodybuilding

DHEA assists the production of supplementary hormones within the body and has a dual effect on the physical structure of a person.

On one hand, it burns fat effectively while on the other hand, it aids muscle development and stimulates growth of bones.

This feature of DHEA encourages many body builders choose DHEA Supplements to increase the production of testosterone in the body.

Testosterone has been considered as a source of building lean muscles. Doses up to 100mg per day of DHEA Supplement for a year can improve the muscle power tremendously.

The immunity booster feature of DHEA is very helpful to athletes who run under rigorous schedules. The strenuous exercise and practice sessions can add pressure on the stress levels of a body.

DHEA supplements taken under the prescription of a medical practitioner can help in boosting immunity levels, stamina and maintain a healthy body.

DHEA as Bodybuilding Supplement

There are many DHEA Bodybuilding supplements which tend to work well with certain diet routine or program. DHEA is among the best supplements for the body building.

DHEA supplements work on reducing the cholesterol and lipid levels in the body. It also plays an important role in reducing body fat and stimulating the body growth.

Regular exercises also instigate the production of DHEA in the body.

Reducing the calorie intake can also help in the production of this hormone.
However the natural production of DHEA reduces with the increase in the age.

DHEA supplements work for the loss of the hormone.

Avoid Heavy Dosage

Heavy doses of DHEA should be avoided as it may cause significant damage to the body.

DHEA bodybuilding benefits have been used by many people over the last couple of years.

Other benefits of this hormone are also responsible for its popularity.

Other Advantages of DHEA Supplements

There are many reported benefits for DHEA supplements but they should be used in very efficient and controlled manner.

Anti Aging

One of the significant benefits of DHEA is its ability to fight the aging symptoms in the body.

It effectively works with the various growth hormones present in the body to instigate more production of human growth hormones.

Mood Swings

It also affects the mood changes in the aged people. DHEA helps eliminate these mood swings and give a sense of well being.

Brain Health

It has the ability to maintain the health and function of the human brain. Courtesy to this feature it is effectively used for the treatment for many brain disorders.

The brain cells have the ability to hold a large amount of DHEA. Some doctors even predict that Alzheimer disease can also be cured by using DHEA but it has not been proven scientifically.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Another advantage of DHEA supplements is that it lowers the risk of various heart diseases such as atherosclerosis.

Particularly the elder people who have greater risks of heart disease should consume DHEA as supplements.

It essentially removes the thick layer of fat deposits in the inner walls of the arteries.

Strengthens Immune System

DHEA also strengthens the immune system of the human body.


DHEA Bodybuilding is basically a muscle development program. Experts suggest that proper nutrition and exercises are critical to the fulfillment of athletic goals and all supplements should be consumed with the advice of medical practitioners. Please see Disclaimer for more information.