DHEA Benefits

DHEA Benefits

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Proper DHEA Dosage for Men & Women

DHEA is a wonder supplement. That might be a bold statement but it is proven true only when proper DHEA Dosage is followed.

What's also true is that there's some personal responsibility needed for us to practice to be able to get the most out of near miraculous benefits of DHEA.

What is DHEA Exactly?

Low Levels of DHEA

DHEA levels naturally drop with age. As one gets older the production is reduced which is why supplements are needed.

Low DHEA levels contribute to a loss of energy and strength; loss of sex drive and a tendency to carry more body fat.

Optimum DHEA Levels

Optimum DHEA levels (which can be achieved through supplementation), often result in youthful energy and sex drive, increased strength and lower body fat levels.

DHEA supplements have been proven to lower the chances of depression; they can also lower the chance of emotional eating disorders that may lead to obesity.

They have also been proven to lower the risk of diseases like anorexia, as well as type 2 Diabetes.

It works by boosting the body immunity as well as muscle strength and cognitive function.

Taking DHEA can reduce the chances of having lupus as well as adrenal insufficiency.

Who Benefits Most from DHEA Supplementation?

It is clear that DHEA is of most benefit to older men and women, who are interested in reclaiming their youthful vigor, energy and ability to be more active and otherwise positively enhance their quality of life.

People in their 50s love this supplement for the simple fact that it can improve the skin condition making one look younger.

This supplement can also reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction as well as osteoporosis, vaginal atrophy and other psychological conditions.

Some younger men and women also suffer from low DHEA levels but this is very rare.

They can also benefit from supplementation and achieve the same benefits as those who suffer from low DHEA levels due to age related issues.

Is DHEA Fountain of Youth?

You should have realistic expectations from taking DHEA, if you choose to add it to your diet.

It's not a substance that will make you look like a professional body builder, building artificial massive muscles.

It will, however, in many ways bring back the joys of youth. This is why DHEA is so popular among life-extension enthusiasts and others (including Doctors and scientists) "in the know".

DHEA changes many lives for the better, without any doubt.

Determining the Right Dosage for the body

As of this time there are still no conclusive recommendations as to how much dosage must be given.

For this reason some doctors suggest about 5 or 10 to 50 mg and if there are side effects that are the only time they will lower the dose.

Researchers are still undergoing testing in order to determine what the best amount to give to different individuals.

Before using DHEA one should go to their physician and get evaluated. However unfortunately this is an expensive move due to the fact that it will involve blood tests and the results are often inconsistent.

What are the processes involved before taking DHEA?

Most clinicians will start by checking the present DHEA levels on patients during their 40s and 50s and that is the only time they will recommend DHEA if proven that the individual has low levels inside their body.

Only if after a few months there are no clear signs of changes, they will move on with the decision of increasing the dosage.

Some physicians believe that a mere use of 20 to 50 mg is not effective if the person wants to have noticeable anti-aging outcomes and because of that they will recommend 200 mg.

The goal of these doctors is to alter the DHEA molecule to speed up results.

There are conflicting data and research as to the dosage and there are different conclusions.

This problem is common to many researches including the study of Vitamin D, C, E as well as beta-carotene.

What is the Best Thing to Do?

Scientists would to start out with a hypothesis and then test the experiment in order to get data. This is the same thing that clients need to do.

To test and observe several dosages and see which ones will take effect, an educated guess is what needs to be done and the patience to observe the differences.

How much DHEA you should take depends on both your sex and your individual needs.

Let's break it down further:



It would be best to consult a physician first before trying to start using the supplements to avoid any unwanted effects.

DHEA can be the best supplement when smartly used and the safe common rules are followed. I hope this helps you get the most out of this fascinating hormone! For more information please see Disclaimer.